Not Our Ancestors,The Mughals Were Looters, Says UP Deputy CM

1:35 pm 14 Sep, 2017


The Mughal emperors were not our ancestors but cold-blooded looters and the Uttar Pradesh Government shall do its best to depict the truth in the text books, said Dinesh Sharma, deputy CM of Uttar Pradesh.


Making an exception for Bahadur Shah Zaffar, the last Mughal king, Dinesh Sharma said that the last Mughal king was a good ruler. Bhadur Shah Zaffar had extended royal support to Mangal Pandey, the flagbearer of India’s first struggle for independence in 1857.

Speaking to the reporters in Jaunpur, the Deputy Chief Minister of the state said:

Mughal rulers were not our ancestors but looters. We consider Mughal rulers who did wrong acts as looters. Those who have done good work, we praise. Babur and Aurangzeb were looters. We do not oppose Bahadur Shah Zafar as he extended support to Mangal Pandey.

Speaking about the last Mughal king Sharma said the fact is that Bahadur Shah was a good ruler  and is best exemplified in the manner by which Prime Minister arendra Modi made it a point to visit his mausoleum in Yangon, during the PM’s recent visit to Myanmar.

Sharma added:

We honour all religions. Apart from worshiping gods and goddesses, I also visit mazaars, gurudwaras and churches.

Hailing the government for initiating adequate change in the preliminary syllabus taught in the schools, Sharma said:


If Akbar had done any good work, it will remain in pages of history. It will be historians who will decide what place Akbar gets.


A culture where a son kills his father for the throne or the hands of Taj Mahal builder are chopped off cannot be our culture. Our culture honours artistes and scientists. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam is credited for the successful nuclear test, and we honored him.

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