This Magical Run-Out By M.S. Dhoni Proves Why He Is The Superman Behind The Stumps

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7:06 pm 26 Oct, 2016

We don’t need to eulogise the greatness of Mahendra Singh Dhoni in words. We know that he is the greatest skipper Indian cricket team has ever had. And we also know how awesome he is with keeping the wickets.

Time and again, Dhoni has proved his mastery with the gloves and the stumps. There are quite a few examples but then Dhoni is Dhoni – he proves that he is the superman behind the stumps.

Take a look at how he got Ross Taylor out.


That’s Dhoni for you. The man doesn’t even have to look at the stumps to strike the bails off! And what about Ross Taylor? Well, he too went back smiling at the marvellous manner in which Dhoni got him.

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