17 Comments On MS Dhoni That Should Not Be Taken Seriously

Updated on 18 Jan, 2018 at 4:00 pm


1. Says the man who is the world’s most diplomatic cricketer.

Sachin Tendulkar on MS Dhoni

2. Maharaja is just being generous. Didn’t Dhoni inherit a lion-hearted team from him?

Ganguly and Dhoni

3. Dravid could say the same for himself, and no one would object.

Dravid on Dhoni

4. Kirsten never needed anyone to shoot down an opponent. So why Dhoni?

Gary Kirsten and Dhoni

5. Now this is the height of sycophancy.

Ian Chappell on Dhoni

6. And thus spoke a badass who led Kangaroos to a new height.

Ricky Ponting on Dhoni

7. After all, he waited 28 years for ‘dat moment’.

Sunil Gavaskar on Dhoni

8. Is he saying that two-time World Cup winner Ricky Ponting is not worth it?

Steve Waugh Dhoni comment

9. The hunter knows who the king really is. But he won’t tell you.


Glenn McGrath and Dhoni

10. For what? You are only known for playing in IPL!

Dwayne Bravo on Dhoni

11. In other words: There will always be one Gilchrist.

Adam Gilchrist and Dhoni

12. What words! Sounds like Dhoni is a Lord who personally bought Hussey at the auctions.

Hussey on Mahendra Singh Dhoni

13. Because BCCI will not blame Dhoni for losing but the bowler will surely be under fire in his country.

Ian Bishop on Dhoni

14. Why dost thou speaketh?

Michael Vaughn on Dhoni

15. And what about that dinner invite snub and that “cold shoulder” accusation?

Laxman and Dhoni

16. Fact check: Dhoni is spoken, read, and searched more than Sehwag.

Kapil Dev on Dhoni

17. Mallya was so heartbroken that he goofed up his own business.

Vijay Mallya on Dhoni