Mrs D’mello’s Story Of Letting Go Of Her Student Is The Best Thing You’ll Read Today

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4:00 pm 27 Dec, 2015

We all agree that letting go isn’t easy. But, it is more difficult when one has to let go of a loved one.
The story of Mrs D’mello of letting go of her student with special needs will leave you inspired and teary eyed.
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“I work with children with special needs– many of them have autism or down’s syndrome. One child who I always remember…

Ms D’mello works with children with special needs. Many of the children she works with have autism or Down’s syndrome.

There was a young boy who had Echolalia. She started working with him when he was in pre- primary.

Echolalia is a condition which is associated with autism. The people who suffers from Echolaloa repeat things- noises and phrases – that they hear. They often struggle with expressing their own thoughts.
She recalls:
 “He would repeat everything that he heard. I spent almost my entire day with him for many years, trying to get him to answer questions instead of repeating them.”
She tried daily but for the first few years, there was almost no result. After a long time, he began to respond.
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And, recently, the young boy became sports captain and he would be going to high school. But, Mrs D’mello has to leave him now.

“After all these years he no longer needs me and even though I’m very attached to him– it’s time for him to move on independently,” she said.
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She shares her last conversation with him:
“He said, ‘Mrs. D’mello, I’m terrified of going into high school alone.’ I just smiled and told him he was ready and that was the end of our journey together but the beginning of his very ‘special’ future.”


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Many people understood Mrs D’mello pain and applauded her for her courage and work.



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