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Thanks To Mr. World We Now Have This Hot Hyderabadi Dude Rohit Khandelwal Making Our Mornings Sweeter On Instagram

Updated on 22 November, 2016 at 3:42 pm By

Where was this hottie hidden all this while? Why didn’t I see his abs  his face before?




Rohit Khandelwal became the first Indian to have bagged the much-coveted title of Mr. World.

Held at Southport, England, the competition witnessed 47 representatives from countries all across the world. Dressed in a tuxedo designed by Nivedita Saboo, Rohit nailed the final round with his wit and elan.


The 26-year old, Hyderabadi biryani hottie (Do you blame me for objectifying men?), has starred previously in shows like “Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya” and MTV’s ‘Big F’.

Ah, never mind if you never saw him – me neither. (Shh!)


‘Cause ladies and gentlemen, I invite you now to join me in this intense Insta-stalking session.




First things first, he gives us a scenic view. *Wink*

He’s got a cool bike. *THAT JAW-LINE*

His zodiac sign is Leo.  *We are totally compatible*


Do I see skateboards? *He’s totally a cool lad*


What’s hotter than a guy reading? *Totally, my type*

He cooks breakfasts. *Holy lord, he’s perfect*


Of course, he works out. *And, looks hot*

He is in philanthropy. *Compassionate*

He believes in world peace. *Perfect match, I’m telling you*

He loves kids.  *Brownie points*

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"Happiness is speaking to kids "

A post shared by Rohit Khandelwal (@rohit_khandelwal77) on

Sexy voice, did I hear? *GAWD*

OK. He is asking me to marry him. *SMITTEN*

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Ennai kalyanam panikiriya (Will you marry me ) ?

A post shared by Rohit Khandelwal (@rohit_khandelwal77) on


Thank you, Hyderabad. I now have something as exotic as biryani to watch on my Instagram.As for the men who are shrinking their noses reading this article, you might not stand a chance to feature in Mr. World 2016 anymore, but you can definitely feature on Insta feeds of us girls.

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