Mr. Bean’s Duplicate Has Just Been Found And You’ll Be Surprised To Know Where He Comes From!

3:08 pm 17 May, 2018


British comedy television series – Mr Bean – made us laugh till we literally dropped our pants laughing! Played by Rowan Atkinston, Mr. Bean was an iconic comic character which turned the most basic life situations into a laughing matter. The inspiration behind this 15-episode (spanning over 5 years) bundle of acute laughter was Rowan himself, when he was a Master’s student at Oxford University.



Mr. Bean’s one particular episode (“The Trouble with Mr. Bean” in 1992) amassed a viewership of as many as 71 million (till date). The super hit comic spin-off  has also received International acclaim, viewed in different languages and won a live performance at the London 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony. The original Mr. Bean was also transformed into several ‘Mr Bean’ stuff toys.




But while we loved Rowan’s outstanding comic timing and facial expressions, we never expected him to have a doppelganger! Yes, you read it right! Mr. Bean not only has a duplicate, but he has been living in one of the most unexpected countries of the world!



This ‘fat’ version of Mr. Bean is also a much beloved TV character who has become an icon in his country. Possessing the same funny expressions, he has the same comic antics which made Mr. Bean the most beloved character of the 90s.



This 44-year-old comedian who has gone international ever since being discovered by people is Muhammad Asif. He hails from Pakistan and gained limelight as the ‘duplicate’ of that iconic character.



Asif was discovered when magician Omar Black shared this cute video on Facebook, with both of them enjoying the Pakistan Day Celebrations in Dubai, earlier this year.



After being uploaded, Asif aka ‘duplicate Mr. Bean’, became so popular overnight that the Facebook video got more than 7 million views in just 2 days! It is currently has been shared 117k times!



People couldn’t believe Asif’s uncanny resemblance and he got overnight fame, just like the original Mr. Bean! His pictures instantly remind us of our favourite comic character.



Here are some of his videos as well (decide for yourself):




The world is too excited to discover him as well. Here are some of their reactions on the social networking site Reddit:



Are you a fan of this Pakistani version of Mr. Bean? Tell us in the comments section below.



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