The Moving Story Of This Acid Attack Survivor Will Inspire You In So Many Ways

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6:58 pm 24 Oct, 2017


Every day, we look for inspiration and hope because each day life attacks us with so many challenges. It leaves us depressed, sad and hopeless at times. Our mind becomes our enemy, it drains us and further complicates our life. But what we always forget is that we already have the strength to fight our problems. We just need to fill our heart with positivity and good thoughts.

No matter what life gives you, there is always a way out.

And with this zeal and hope, Shaboo fought her darkest times. At the age of two, she became a victim of an acid attack, but she doesn’t believe in calling herself a victim, she calls herself a survivor.



She narrated her story to Humans Of Bombay, and her story will not leave you with teary eyes but will motivate you to never give up no matter what challenges life throws at you.

Here is her story:


When I was 2 years old, my father stormed into the house, where I was sitting on my mother’s lap and poured acid on her — half of which fell on me. I know this story from Doctor Gore, who treated me for the next few years because I don’t remember any of it — not even the pain. I just know that I lost my mother to that attack, and when my relatives heard of my condition — they disowned me. My father fled the city, and I grew up in an orphanage.
Honestly, from my doctors to those at my orphanage — I’ve been pampered a lot. They showed me incessant, unconditional love for which I’m so thankful…my childhood really wasn’t as bad as it would seem.
Where I did struggle a little was when I stepped into the real world for college. Initially, I didn’t make any friends — I used to eat lunch alone, sit on the last bench and try my best to be invisible. I was so conscious of my scars that I felt like everyone was staring at me.
Turns out, it was all in my mind because I ended up making a lot of friends who I’ve had some of my happiest memories with. I remember this really funny incident when we were at a sleepover. I fell asleep but since the attack, my eyelids don’t shut – something my friends didn’t know. They kept talking to me for a long time only to realise I had been sleeping the whole time! We’ve made so many jokes about that — imagine how easy it was for me to sleep in my lectures — almost feels like I have a superpower!
Often my friends ask me if I hate my father and if I’m vengeful — and my answer is always ‘no’. Honestly, I’ve forgiven him. He must have been in a dark place himself to even think of committing such a crime…but me holding on to it is like feeding that darkness — I’ve let it go completely.
I have no room in my life for hate — my entire focus is on finding a job. I was fired from my last job because of my appearance and because I took regular leaves for my check ups. Since then, I’m looked after by the Sahaas foundation but I’m hopeful that I’ll have another job soon!
Looking back, the only thing I hate about the entire incident is that people still refer to me as an ‘acid attack victim’ — I’m not a victim! I’m as normal as anybody else — I’ve embraced my scars and I’m really excited for the rest of my life to unfold. I have ambition, dreams and life goals…I want to make my mark in the world, not because of this acid attack …but everything I am, inspite of it.”

This is 23 year old Shaboo, who has big dreams for herself. She loves stage design and costume styling. However, she needs to undergo surgery for the reconstruction of her left eyelid, reconstruction of her nose and skin grafting. She even wants to study further and be an independent, self sufficient woman. She wants to live a long and happy life without being referred to as a ‘victim’ and with your help she can.

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