8 Themes That Bollywood Hasn’t Yet Made Movies On, But Should

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7:00 pm 20 Nov, 2015


Bollywood changes everyday but still remains the same. In the last few years, alternate cinema, which was buried under Karan Johar’s romantic sagas has finally found its voice. But some invisible cinema is still waiting to take its leap of freedom and waiting to be seen. Here are those 8 voices that we would love to see:


1. Space themes

Bollywood is probably the richest industry in India but we still lack richness in creativity. The same old love sagas are repeated every Friday and their idiotic happy endings have become our regular dinner.


We have reached Mars but our cinematography is busy burying itself underground. When we will make the Mars-wars series?


2. Sci-fi themes

We do lack in originality. Some people argue that such movies won’t sell because Indians won’t understand them. I doubt it, unless Ram Gopal Verma decides to direct it. We all have that ‘sci-fi movies’ folder on our desktop, it’s time we add Bollywood movies in it too.


3. Cannibal themes

Half of the India population is unaware of the word ‘cannibal’. Making films on this sensitive topic will help people  acknowledge the reality of humans eating flesh and organs.


4. Movies with just animals in them.


5. Transgender themes

Such movies will unlock the feminine side that we still fail to respect.


6. Silent movies, like ‘The Artist’

‘Baarfi’ was half-silent but still engrossed us more than ‘Singh Is Bling’ and ‘Dabaang’.  We don’t lack talent, we are creatively deprived of soulful scripts that have the power to enchant us without words.


7. Dreadful diseases and mental illness themes

Such films will make people understand each other’s pain in a mature way.


8. Sealife themes (I am not talking about movie like ‘Blue’)

We hardly know about sea creatures and their lifestyles. It would be a great source of learning for youth. But first, let’s stop polluting the rivers and then only we can think of shooting there.



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