5 Unconventional Movies About Ending One’s Life That Will Fill You With Hope And Positivity

11:00 am 14 Sep, 2018


While in college, we had a hostel mate who always used to fake suicides. In three years, she pretended to take her life for more than fifteen times. Her attention seeking gestures made her one of the favorite topics of jokes! Keeping such incidents aside, suicide stories are always depressing. There is no doubt that someone deciding to take their own life is an utmost reflection of their loneliness. That is why most movies on suicide end with a bitter note that is full of sadness.

However, there are also those movies on suicide that handles the subject absolutely delicately. Not only emotional but these movies also have a comical twist. Certainly, that makes these movies on suicide a must-watch for everyone.


1. It’s a wonderful life


Let me start the list with one of my favorite movies of all time. This movie on suicide ends on such a positive note that its beauty keeps on lingering for long. It starts with a man trying to commit suicide on Christmas Eve as he feels that he has lost the battle called life. However, his attempt failed as he was saved by someone. Later it turns out that the savior is an angle! Eventually, the visitor from the heavens takes the man through his life once again to show how he has made other’s life beautiful. This is one of such movies on suicide that will fill your heart with warmth and eyes with tears.



2. Hemlock Society


Does the word hemlock seem familiar? Yes, this was poison used to carry out the death sentence of the famous philosopher Socrates. Besides the fact that it is a smart movie name, this dark-comedy Bengali movie actually gives the entire aspect of suicide a hilarious twist. The movie is about a training institute that provides free courses on how to commit suicide! With the tagline, ‘Morbe moro choriyo na!’ (Die if you want but don’t create a mess), this place is all set to train people to take their own life. However, during the process, most of the people find a new reason to continue the journey called life.



3. Harold and Maude



Released in 1971, this is one of such dark comedy that will not fail to win your heart. It tells the story of a 20-year-old guy who is obsessed with death and suicide. He even fakes suicides multiple times. His life soon takes a new turn when he meets a 79-year-old woman who is absolutely in love with life. With a very deep philosophical element, this is such a film that has become a cult movie. Taking a cue from one of the songs of the film, it’s all about “there are a million ways to go… you can make it true… you can make it undo.”



4. The Hours


This story is spread across various timelines telling the story of three different women. Each of them is living a life of lie and are dealing with the aspect of suicide. Either one of them wants to commit suicide or someone close to them is trying to do the same. This story, though passes through the dark passage of death and dismay, ultimately ends on a positive note about love, life, and more.



5. Anjaana Anjaani


Two people who have lost all hopes and considers themselves as losers also fails in taking their own life. These strangers soon became friends and decide to commit suicide on the last day of the year. However, the twist comes when they realize that they have fallen for each other.


So, which of these movies on suicide are you going to see first?