Ever Wondered How Automatic Toilets Work? Here Is Everything You Need To Know

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5:14 pm 4 Jun, 2016


The nation is progressing, society is changing, the standard of living of the people is increasing and hence, technology is taking over. In an era when everything is smart, whether it be phones or televisions or house doors, then why not toilets?

Yes, motion sensor toilets are the new sexy that people are installing in their washrooms these days, to give it a high-tech look!

These toilets detect your movement and facilitate opening of the lid, water and flushing automatically.




Well, it’s not something new in the West. They have reached a point where they are discussing the issues they face with these type of toilets. While surfing on the internet I came across a Reddit thread discussing the working of the motion sensor toilet and the way they can stop premature flushing. 

It seemed as if many were trying to find out the answer and hence different people shared their views.

The first user shared a hack of putting the toilet paper over the sensor to avoid flushing.



Motion sensor toilets basically shine a little infra-red light and see how long it takes to get back. If the time changes quickly the toilet knows that some motion just happened in front of it. You can stop a toilet from flushing prematurely by draping a little toilet paper over the sensor so that it only sees the paper and not your movement. Then move the paper when you’re done and the toilet will flush.


Another user said that battery issues can lead to the same problem and also added humour by mentioning to stop using phones in toilets

The motion sensor is set to trigger when you are within a distance where it considers you to be using the toilet. Some might be set a little close and can trigger even when you’re still there. To prevent that, don’t lean forward as much. I think some also have a timeout so if it senses you there for an excessive amount of time it figures it’s not reading things correctly and flushes, anticipating that it’ll get new readings when somebody actually gets in range again. To prevent that, stop reading reddit on the toilet. Lastly, some might have a weak battery. The distance reading will be inconsistent in that case. Nothing you can do to prevent that…


Technology will always come with bugs. No matter how easy it makes things for you, it will trouble you later on.

Basically the sensor just detects the motion. If you move much while sitting then it will lead to premature flushing. This also leads to unnecessary wastage of water. Wasting water is something the planet can’t afford. So think smart and don’t believe that everything that is smart will surely provide you comfort.



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