Watch Teenager’s Hilarious Reaction When She Mistook Something Else For Lip Balm

5:29 pm 6 Oct, 2018


It is a universal truth that when we are young girls, we always want to imitate our mothers – be it their makeup, clothing style, mannerisms or just the way they look. That imitation makes us feel closer to her, if not ‘like’ her. How many of you recall sneaking into your mother’s precious cupboard just to try out her favourite lip shade or wear her nightie to smell just like her? This is exactly what one woman, Dayana Chamorro, did when she reached out to invade her mother’s lip balm.

The lady in question thought her mother’s lip balm was the perfect solution to rectify her ‘chapped’ situation (I mean lip, of course). Maybe her mother always had the perfect lips!



So what Dayana Chamorro did to get hold of her mother’s lip balm? She raided the whole house to find that one little pot of… you guessed it right, Vaseline!




So where did Dayana Chamorro finally find what she was looking for? In her beloved mum’s bedroom! So she went ahead and borrowed it without asking (that’s the fun, right?).



Everything was ok until she applied a precious layer to her chapped lips. Instead of feeling soother, Dayana realized there’s something wrong about her mother’s lip balm.


The effects of the vaseline were anything but what poor Dayana would have imagined. Instead of feeling soother, she felt her lips going in ‘sleep mode’ – her lips lost all sensations.



Before her attempts to rescue her lips, Dayana never felt the need for a lip balm, which is why she went helter-skelter looking for her mothers.



As per her confession, Dayana says, “I was looking for a lip balm as I do not like to get dried lips. I took this without asking because I thought it was lip balm.



In a viral Facebook video, Dayana Chamorro explains that as luck would (not) have it, what she thought was lip balm, was something else!



Her lips were sleepy due to one thing – an anal relaxant! Yes, you read it right! Even I got the jitters when I thought about how Dayane must have mistaken this thing.



Dayane’s shock soon turned into laughter when her mother mocked at her foolishness! Obviously, she made fun of her for not taking permission.



The viral video of Dayane’s predicament had been viewed 13 million times and shared about 433,000 times, tearing people up in laughter.

Have a look at the video for all the funny reasons!




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