Mother Kills Her Abusive, Drug Addict Son To Save Her Daughter-in-law

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 6:52 pm

Losing your children is a nightmare for every parent. But, killing them with your own hands is something no parent will ever think of. But, what if you know that your child has become evil and is a threat to others?

A sad tale has come to light. On knowing the evil deeds of her son and the domestic abuse her daughter-in-law was going through, Anwari Idrisi had to take a step she would never have even dreamt about. There is hardly any daily soap or film that has ever portrayed a mother-in-law under a positive light. But, this mother-in-law decided to save her daughter-in-law from her abusive son and strangled him to death.

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45-year-old, Anwari Idrisi, from Ambedkar Chawl, Mankhurd, Mumbai, had three sons and their wives in her family. Unfortunately, her youngest son, Nadeem Naim, became a drug addict and made everyone’s life impossible.

Two years ago, Nadeem got married and made his wife’s life hell. Tired of his beating and drug abuse, his wife left the home after living with him for 5 months.

According to reports, Anwari didn’t want her daughter-in-law to leave. She promised that her son won’t beat her and if he does, she will protect her. Anwari convinced her daughter-in-law but failed to change her son’s habits.

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On August 15, Anwari’s son came home drunk when the entire family was at home. While talking to the media, Police said,

Anwari realised that Nadeem would become violent and ordered her sons and daughters-in-law to sleep in the neighbour’s house. Nadeem could not tolerate this and after everyone had left, he began beating his mother. She took the beating.

The moment Nadeem got tired of beating his mother, Anwari pushed him towards the steel ladder and strangled his neck with her dupatta. The mother has confessed to her crime and has also said that she did this to save her daughter-in-law. Anwari has been booked under section 302 of the Indian Penal Code.