14 Unique Movie Theatres Of The World To Visit For An Unforgettable Experience

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10:00 am 7 Dec, 2015


Have you ever watched a movie while sitting in a hot tub? Or have you ever experienced a cinema hall giving you a private room to watch the movie with a complementary foot massage? Such are these 14 interesting and uniquely designed theatres which every one of us would wish to visit once.

1. Olympia Music Hall, France.

The theatre that looks like a masterpiece in French architectural design gives you the chance to watch movie in the comfort of your own pull-away beds. The theatre is perfectly made for couples, with no dirty business.


2. Electric Cinema Hall, London.


Electric Cinema Hall is one of the oldest theatres in the world. Opened sometime during the 1910s, this is an incredible theatre with gorgeous interiors and seats.


3. Cine Thisio, Athens, Greece.

This is an open-air theatre, which means you get an excellent view of nature especially at night. The theatre allows you to witness the historic Acropolis and the Parthenon closely.


4. IMAX, Sydney, Australia.

This IMAX is 117 feet wide and 97 feet high which makes it one of the biggest screens in the world.


5. Riverbed Cinema, Prizren, Kosovo.

In Prizren alone can you enjoy an open screening under the sky with cool river water touching your feet.


6. Nokia Ultra Screen, Bangkok, Thailand.

If you get a ticket to VIP lounge in Nokia Ultra Screen, you get free snacks and complimentary foot massage for more than 30 minutes. Aah! The most incredible experience!


7. Sci-Fi Dine-in Theatre at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Sci-Fi Dine-in Theatre has car-like booths with a massive screen in front of you. The cars are modelled after the 70s make. To make your experience truly enjoyable, the theatre has some traditional American cuisine to offer.


8. Uplink X, Tokyo, Japan.

This is one of the smallest movie theatres in Japan with just 40 seats inside it. The special feature of this theatre is that the seats are not attached to the ground; they can be moved around within the space – like in a home.


9. Busan Cinema Centre, Busan, South Korea.

With an outdoor screen that can be viewed by 4000 people and three indoor screens with 1500 seats each, this theatre is one of the largest in the world. There are LED projectors installed which helps you to enjoy the spectacular lighting at night.


10. Hot Tub Cinema, London.

For film goers, Hot Tub Cinema offers you to relax in a Jacuzzi style tubs. This theatre follows the mantra: We don’t just watch movies, but we celebrate them.


11. Newport Ultra Cinema, Newport City.

Luxury is the main goal of Newport Ultra Cinema. You can book a ticket and enjoy unlimited drinks and munchy popcorns.


12. The Orange Cinema Club, Beijing.

Once you have booked your ticket for the Orange Club, you can enjoy the private bar and VIP rooms with a smoking zone in it. To make your experience full of comfort, the theatre has rooms with sofa, pillow, bed sheets in it.


13. Cinegold Plex Cinema, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

One of the best theatres in Pakistan, this one offers an experience of a luxury hotel. This is one of those theatres which has a breathtaking and magnificent architectural designs.


14. Cineteca de el Matadero, Madrid.

This cinema hall has an infrastructure so unique, it could be an architect’s dream place. This movie theatre is known for screening famous documentaries and movies from 30s to 50s. Watching a movie here is a real universal experience!




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