7 Most Pampered Rich Kids In The World

3:59 pm 25 Mar, 2018


Only a small group of world population is fortunate enough to enjoy multi-million dollar homes, designer wardrobes, and high-end cars. For the rest of us, who forms more than 90 percent of world population, they are just a dream. Seeing how the one percent of the world lives is pretty captivating. However, when the parents decide to spoil their children with their wealth, the results can be shocking.

Here are 7 most spoiled kids from around the world. Take a look:

1. Prince George

When you are a royalty, you are going to be pampered with the finest things on earth. When Prince George was born, brands from all over the world lavished him with their gifts. One company decided to make a set of infant nail clippers just for the newborn prince. Since the nail clippers were going to be for royalty, they had to put out all the stops and craft an 18 carat gold set of clippers encrusted with 350 carat diamonds.



2. Zachary Furnish-John

What do you get for the baby who has everything? According to Elton John and his long time partner David Furnish, you get them their own apartment. Before their son was born, the couple decided they weren’t going to go the traditional nursery route. The couple converted a 2 million dollar apartment into their son Noah’s own private nursery. Zachary had his own multi million dollar property before he was even born.


3. Barron Trump

We all know how much Donald Trump has, well maybe we don’t, but according to him, he is worth billions. It seems Baron Trump is following in his fathers footsteps when it comes to having the finer things in life. Barron has his own floor in New York’s Trump Tower. His mother slathers him in expensive caviar infused moisturizer. The walls of his Trump Tower floor are covered in airplanes, helicopters and his own drawings since he’s allowed to draw all over them.


4. Suri Cruise

The daughter of Tom Cruise has had a very blessed childhood. When she was 6 years old Tom whisked her away to Disney world where she was able to stay in the infamous and very exclusive “Cinderella castle”. It has also been reported that Suri has a designer wardrobe worth more than $3 million.


5. Josephine Lau

Being the daughter of a Japanese billionaire tycoon has its perks. In 2015, Joseph Lau dropped 77 million dollars on a pair of rare diamonds for his 7 year old daughter Josephine. The first diamond was a whopping 12.03 carats, and was named “The blue moon of Josephine” by the adoring father. The second diamond was a vivid pink color and an even bigger 16.08 carats.


6. Blue Ivy Carter

Before she was even born, Jay-Z admitted that he was going to have the most spoiled kid in the world. When his and Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy was just days old, she had already being given over $1.5 million worth gifts. She had pair of shoes worth more than $800 and a brand new custom acrylic crib that was just a little less than $4,000. When Blue Ivy turned two, Jay-Z dropped $75,000 on a purebred Arabian horse that his daughter wasn’t even able to ride yet.


7. Julia Stakhiva

Of course we couldn’t make a list about spoiled kids without including one of the richest kids of instagram. Julia Stakhiva’s parents started her young giving her a designer purse at the age of nine. Now at 23 year old Julia is so spoiled that flies all the way from London to Moscow when it’s time to get a hair cut. She claims that stylist in London just don’t cut it. When she isn’t taking a jet to Russia, she is spending $200,000 dollars a year shopping for designer duds, and getting 17 000 a month allowance.