These Most Right-swiped Jobs On Tinder In India Can Be Your Lucky Ticket For Dating

1:02 pm 6 Sep, 2018


Online dating is an interesting phenomenon which has finally made its place in the Indian subcontinent. While there have been times when Indians have shied away from the idea of being in a relationship with someone who they have met online, these days the concept of ‘casual dating’ is helping in breaking the outdated notions of the society. All thanks to the online dating apps like Tinder, people are able to find desired partners for dating on the social networking platforms.



Well, Tinder is one of the most famous dating apps across the world. While it has recently entered the Indian arena, the success for getting a ‘right-swipe’ on Tinder can depend on the most unexpected factors. Apparently, it seems like shirtless selfies and pictures with dogs are becoming a passé for the people using Tinder these days. What the users are looking for nowadays is your choice of career while swiping right on Tinder.



To our very surprise, Tinder has released a list of the ‘most right-swiped jobs’ around the world indicating which careers Tinder users are looking for in their match. And interestingly, the list of most right-swiped jobs on Tinder in India is going to make you think twice about your profession. (Trust me! I am also doing the same!)



Psychology suggests that people feel at ease while communicating with someone who understands their career perspectives. This contributes to a healthy relationship between the couple. Apparently, your choice of job can be very intriguing while choosing a potential partner. Men in creative professions are viewed as more sensitive and interactive leading to women swiping them right on Tinder. Similarly, women with a sense of independence and position of authority attract men for dating.



According to the list of most right-swiped jobs released by Tinder in India, men seem to prefer a female in the engineering profession, while women prefer to right-swipe men who are pilots. Fascinating isn’t it?!




Take a look at the list of most right-swiped jobs for women on Tinder in India:


most right-swiped jobs female india


Here is the list of most right-swiped jobs for men on Tinder in India:


most right-swiped jobs men india


It seems like the idea of dating and relationships is changing with the changing needs of the people in the society. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!