These Funniest Viral Videos Will Make Your Monday Blues Go Away. Take A Look!

4:45 pm 8 Oct, 2018


We all wait for the weekends like crazy. Especially if you have been working hard on the weekdays. The very thought of “me-time” rejuvenates your tired soul. But it is a mystery how Saturday and Sunday just pass so quickly. And then comes Monday! Yes, the Monday! Something which my fellow millennials must not be very fond of. Oh, it reminds me, Monday is finally here, and many of us aren’t happy! But wait, I have got just the thing to cheer you up. Funny viral videos to be exact!

In the world of millennials, two things are very common, memes and funny viral videos. These are a major source of entertainment for many sad souls, who are tired of people’s s**t.




I am sure that some of you might have seen these videos already. But hey, who said that you can not re-watch them! I can bet that these videos can make your Monday blues go away.



So, as a treat, take a look at some of the funniest viral videos which will leave you laughing like crazy.





Professional skills at its best!



Haha! This one’s the best!



What is he up to?



The true meaning of dosti, LOL!



Hilarious indeed!



Heropanti menhgi pad gayi! Lol!




So, you see, whenever you feel sad or depressed, just take a look at these funny videos and I am sure you’ll feel better! Aren’t these videos hilarious?

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