These Facts About The 5 Most Expensive Houses In India Are Sure To Leave You Boggled!

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4:48 pm 12 Sep, 2018


If there is one thing that most people work hard for all their lives, it is a home. Having a nice, spacious and comfortable house to live in is every human’s dream. But not all are lucky enough to make their dream come true and have the kind of home they have always wanted. However, there are some extremely rich people who have fulfilled their desire of living in the most expensive houses in India.

The 5 most expensive houses in India are unbelievably grand structures that are brimming with all the luxury one can think of. Needless to say, these houses belong to super-rich businessmen, actors and politicians. So here goes the list of 5 most expensive houses in India:


1. Naveen Jindal’s Jindal House



Jindal House, the house of Congress leader and businessman Naveen Jindal is often in the limelight for being extremely lavish. Set amidst Leafy Lutyens Bungalow Zone in Delhi, one of the plushest localities of Delhi, the house spread across 3 acres land is estimated to be worth about Rs 150 crore.


2. Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat



When it comes to the rates of property, Mumbai is one of the most expensive cities of India. One of the most extravagant houses in the city of Mumbai is Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat. Located in the area of Bandra, the house is well equipped with ultra modern facilities such as office, studios, table tennis court, boxing ring etc. The estimated worth of Mannat is approximately Rs 200 crore.


3. Ratan Tata’s Mumbai Residence




Featuring next in the list of most expensive houses in India is one of India’s richest industrialist Ratan Tata’s house in Mumbai. Having a worth of approximately Rs 150 crore, the palatial house is set on the sea-side and stretches over an area of 15000 sq ft and is furnished with some top-notch facilities.


4. Anil Ambani’s Mumbai Residence



Though under construction at the moment, this residential property deserves to be on the list of the most expensive houses in India because of the massive investment of Rs 5000 crores it is expected to involve. Need it be said that Anil Ambani’s residence is going to be quite exuberant, much like his elder brother Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia.

Earlier it was expected that Anil Ambani’s residence will be 150 meters tall but after some complaints from the neighborhood, it is decided that the height of the house will be kept 66 meters.


5. Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia



Last but not the least, Antilia, the house of one of India’s richest people, Mukesh Ambani definitely deserves to be on the list of the most expensive houses in India. Equipped with the most ultra-modern and extravagant facilities, Mukesh Ambani’s house is worth a whopping Rs 1000 crore! Situated in South Mumbai, the 27-floor house has a staff of 600 to maintain it 24×7. It is noteworthy that Antilia is not just one of India’s most expensive houses but the most expensive residential property in the world.