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10 Most Expensive Fruits In The World

Updated on 10 July, 2016 at 9:40 am By

It is very common to hear discussions about pricey dresses, purses or jewelry due to their hefty price tags but how expensive do you think fruits can be? We keep munching cheap and affordable fruits every day, but here are some royal fruits, which we can only dream about eating.

1. Yubari Melon – $23,000 per pair (INR 13,80,000)


These are orange-fleshed melons grown in Japan; reared in greenhouses, these melons are also given hats to protect them from sunlight. Due to the sweetness of this giant melon, it costs a hefty price of $ 23,000.


2. Densuke Watermelon – $6100 each (INR 3,66,000)

This special watermelon is black and has no stripes over it. It is an 11 kg fruit exclusively grown in Japan’s nethermost island, Hokkaido. A Densuke Watermelon was sold in an auction in 2008 at the highest price of $6100.


3. Ruby Roman Grapes – $4000 per bunch (INR 2,40,000)

You will be shocked to see the size of these grapes; they look like ping pong balls. The farming of this type of grapes is very rare and was first done in the year 2008. If you want to taste a sample grape piece, you need to spend $910.


4. Taiyo no Tamago Mangoes- $3000 per pair (INR 1,80,000)


Taiyo no Tamago means ‘egg of the sun’ and these mangoes are shaped just like an egg, a giant egg. Only a few pieces of these mangoes are cultivated each year in Japan and they are sold on prior request.


5. Lost Gardens of Heligan Pineapples – $1600 each (INR 96,000)

The most expensive pineapples in the world are those cultivated in the lost gardens of Heligan, England. These pineapples are grown with utmost care as more than 50 horti cultivators grow the crop in greenhouses heated with horse manure and straw. The style of cultivating this pineapple sets its apart.


6. Square Watermelons – Price $800 each (INR 48,000)

Have you seen square watermelons? We are used to the big round ones, but square watermelons from Japan are grown in square containers that force them to grow square. Since 2014, they are usually exported. Each melon weights 13 pounds.


7. Sembikiya Queen Strawberries – $85 per pack of 12 (INR 5100)

Sembikiya strawberries are one of the most gorgeous-looking and sweet-tasting strawberries in the world and a single strawberry will cost you $2.75 per pound.


8. Dekopon Citrus – $80 per pack of six (INR 5085)

Dekopon citrus is said to be the tastiest orange in the world. This orange is seedless with a hard coating over it. The Dekopon citrus is different from other oranges because of the swollen part at the top, which is considered as the sign of it being fresh and sweet. These oranges are a hybrid form of Mandarin oranges.


9. Sekai Ichi Apple – $21 each (INR 1260)

Sekai Ichi means “world’s number one”; they celebrated the 40th anniversary of their cultivation in 2014. This apple is said to be a tastier variety that tends to melt in the mouth and is also larger in size. Each apple weighs around two pounds each.


10. Buddha-shaped Pears – $9 each (INR 540)

Yes, you guessed it; the fruit resembles the face of Buddha. These re made by a Chinese farmer who started growing pears in a mold that forced the fruit look like Buddha. This fruit is not easily available and it is also regarded as a magical fruit by the Chinese.



So, did you know about them?



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