15 Of The Most Dangerous Gangs In The World

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10:00 am 14 Sep, 2015

A gang can not become a dangerous one overnight, but it involves a continuous series of brutal tortures, mind wash and instigating negativity in people. These people are well known for coming in force for criminal actions.


1. Mara Salvatrucha

An international criminal gang that originated from California, this gang today compromises more than 70,000 members. They are engaged in drug selling, killing of kids and women, human trafficking and selling guns in the black market.

2. Los Zetas

Originally from Mexico, this gang is involved in brutal killings of women, politicians, children and journalists. They are associated with a drug cartel in Mexico, which is operating in major parts of Mexico.

3. Sinaloa Cartel

This gang continues to battle with Los Zetas, and was declared as “Godfathers of Drugs” by DEA. The gang is led by Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, one of the richest billionaires and most powerful drug traffickers.

4. Yakuza

Traditionally a deadly gang from Japan, it has 102,000 members in total. The members of this gang are known to cut off their relations with family to prove superiority in the list.

5. Texas Syndicate

This is a California State prison gang which has 1,000 members in prison and 850 outside. They are majorly responsible for killing people in prisons. They also take up gambling, prostitution and extortion.

6. Black Guerrilla

It is one of the gangs which has members of the African-American race. It has strong leanings towards Marxism. Their aim was to overthrow the US government, and in order to get into the gang, you need to be Black.

7. Latin Kings

This gang is from Mexico with its initial members being Puerto Rican. The gang is highly involved in money making from illegal activities and taking up murder contracts.

8. Solntsevskaya Bratva

Also known as the Solntsevskaya Brotherhood, this gang is believed to have hundreds of illegal businesses in Russia and beyond. They are highly involved in online scams, credit card frauds, arm dealings and stock fraud.

9. The Camorra

It is a highly influential gang from the Italian mafia with more than 6,700 members. In addition to their illegal activities, they control large numbers of businesses throughout Italy, where not paying a bribe can lead to death.

10. Crips

An African American gang known to be involved in murders, robberies and drug dealing. This gang is believed to have 30,000 – 35,000 members, who wear blue clothes and blue bandannas as identification markers,

11. Hell’s Angels

Promoted as a motorcycle gang in United States and Canada, they are the most well-known criminal syndicate there. The gang’s activities involve drug trafficking, local drug dealing, prostitution and extortion.

12. Mungik

Consisting of around 100,000 people, this gang is from Kenya’s largest ethnic group, Kikiyu. The gang is known as a criminal syndicate as well as terrorist organization that manages to gain power and control over major African countries.

13. Cosa Nostra

Originating in New York, Cosa Nostra is the famous Sicilian Mafia. This gang is believed to have 25,000 members with 250,000 affiants throughout the country which enables them to collaborate with other gangs.

14. The Bloods

A Los Angeles based gang known mainly for its rivalry with the Crips. This gang basically collaborates with other gangs, in order to carry out criminal activities and drug trafficking. Like the Crips, they too have an identifying color – red.

15. Vagos

An organized gang that formed in California in 1965, Vagos has 4,000 members in nine US states, in Canada and Australia. This gang has a long history of violent and public shootouts with Hell’s Angel.



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