10 Ways In Which We’re More Consumerist Than Our Parents

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Updated on 18 Jan, 2018 at 4:04 pm


1. We buy jams and pickles from shops whereas our parents made these at home.


Mirch Masala

2. We buy all our clothes from various outlets, while our parents frequently knit and sewed them.

3.We often go out to eat or order in, which was a rarity for our parents.

4. We buy new equipment when our old ones malfunction but our parents got their equipment repaired.

5. We’re proud of how new our gadgets are; our parents were proud of how long their electronics lasted.

6. Once we’re finished with things, we throw them away; our parents reused items all the time.

7.We have one wall of wardrobe full of clothes; our parents had one steel cupboard for all their clothes.

8. We can never have enough of accessories like deos, bags, etc; our parents didn’t even have deos.

9. We buy all our ingredients from the market; our parents often had herbs, limes, etc growing in their gardens.

10. We use credit cards to spend money we don’t have while our parents scrimped and saved their entire lives.