Here’s What Would Happen If The Moon Was Replaced By Some Planets In Our Solar System

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6:29 pm 27 Jul, 2016

Everyone who has ever lived and was lucky enough to have a pair of eyes has seen the Moon. It is about 384,400 km away from the surface of the Earth. The Moon holds a special place in science and in art as well because of its proximity to Earth unlike every other cosmic vessel. Have you ever thought what would it be like if Jupiter was as close to us as the Moon? Or maybe Saturn? Here is how it would look like if our Moon was replaced by some of the other planets in our solar system.


1. Venus

Venus is about the same size as Earth. It is only about 650 km smaller than the Earth in diameter. So the Earth looks as big from the Moon as Venus would look from Earth if it replaced the Moon. This setup is physically possible although Earth would feel really strong tides and the rotation around the Sun would become very unpredictable.



2. Mars

Mars is about 3,390 km in radius, which is much smaller than Earth. Our Moon is about 1,700 km in radius, so if Mars were to replace the Moon, it wouldn’t have very drastic effects as would be the case with some of the bigger planets. It would look like a bright and beautiful red ball in the sky.



3. Jupiter

With a radius of about 70,000 km, Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system. In fact, it is so big that if it replaced our Moon, it could destroy our Earth with ease in multiple ways. Its immense gravity would break the Earth apart, which would then form a ring system around Jupiter. If that doesn’t happen, the strong magnetic field of Jupiter would rip Earth’s atmosphere and make life impossible nonetheless. But here is how it would look anyway:



4. Saturn

With a radial size of 58,232 km, Saturn is the second biggest planet in the solar system. With its 63 moons, if Saturn were to replace the Moon, it would have some very interesting consequences. Saturn’s moons could collide with Earth any time; in fact, the rings of Saturn could crash into the Earth as well. If all of that doesn’t happen, at least it would pull away all the satellites in orbit around the Earth and you wouldn’t be able to use your cellphone anymore.



5. Uranus

This is the third biggest planet in the solar system and is made up mostly of ice and some other trace elements. It has a ring system as well, which is not visible to the naked eye. It has a very smooth and spotless surface. If it were to replace our Moon, it would look like one big blue marble in the sky. Although it would totally destroy Earth as well.



6. Neptune

Finally, Neptune is the eighth planet from the Sun and last of the known planets. Not much is known about Neptune as it is incredibly far away from Earth, about 4.7 billion km. It’s very similar to Uranus in size and mass and replacing our Moon with Neptune will have a similar effect on Earth. Although it would look a bit different because of its bright blue color, which is caused by the presence of nitrogen and methane gas in its atmosphere. Neptune is also the home to one of the fastest winds in the solar system, where the winds frequently blow at speeds faster than the speed of sound.




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