TVF’s Monsoon Song Will Definitely Cheer You Up In This Gloomy Rainy Season. Watch The Video!

9:00 pm 19 Jun, 2018

The monsoon season is around the corner and the madness has already started. While some fall in love with the monsoon rains, there are many who dread this season due to varying reasons. From the pleasant smell of the wet soil after rain to the clogged drains and traffic jams, there are always mixed emotions during the wet season.

Well, don’t worry anymore because The Viral Fever Team (TVF) is here with the perfect song to cheer you up in this gloomy weather. TVF CoCan studio has given a new dimension to one of the most popular songs by the Linkin Park “In the End”. Interestingly, they have mixed the recreated version of the famous song with A. R. Rahman’s song “Ghanan Ghanan” from the film Lagaan.



The song is not only pleasing to listen but is a treat to watch as well. The video of the song depicts some of the most relatable scenarios in the typical monsoon season. And guess what, the song tells the story of every individual who has a love-hate relationship with the monsoon rains.


Monsoon song capture



While we enjoy the romantic rains from the windows of our homes sipping tea and eating pakoras, it becomes a nightmare as soon as we step out of the house. From puddles of water, to surge pricing of the cabs, the song addresses the complaints of a typical Indian whose happiness turns into sadness due to the mood swings in the monsoon season.


Monsoon song image



The Monsoon song has apparently, been sung by Leakin Park, a parody of Linkin Park. It appropriately, depicts the life of a working Indian who has to go through a lot to reach office in the heavy rains.

So, prepare yourself this Monsoon season and watch the amazing video by TVF here:


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