Cheeky Monkey Pulled Down Tourist’s Top And It’s Hilarious. Watch Video

7:49 pm 13 Nov, 2018


Monkeys are considered to be one of our closest cousins. This animal is really smart! Have not you heard of them stealing coins in exchange of sex?  When I was studying in a small district of Odisha, the girls’ hostel was their favorite spot to come and take rejoice in stealing our undergarments. In my hostel, they used to take away bras from the girl’s hostel and play on the tree. How funny and shocking it is. But what if they try and pull down what you are already wearing?

A video is going viral these days in which a mischievous monkey pulled down a tourist’s top and she was left shocked at the incident. We have seen them snatching things away from our hands in the blink of an eye?


The tourist had no idea that the monkey had something of that sort in his mind. He was just climbing over her and in a few seconds he pulled down the top of the tourist.



Look at the video of how the monkey shocked everyone with his mischievous act. The woman had no idea that the monkey was planning to pull down her top.



The comments after watching the video were also very funny. The viewers were glued to the way the tourist laughed!


Mischievous monkey



Oh yes! She did look a very happy woman.


Mischievous monkey


Lol! Is it?

Horny Monkey

The act shows how dangerous it could be when you are having fun in the company of monkeys. So the next time take care when you are around a monkey. Do you also have such a story to tell?


Comment Source: YouTube