This Is What Happened When A Monkey Strayed Into Our Parliament House For 30 Minutes

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3:57 pm 29 Jul, 2016

An adult monkey roamed around in the Parliament House recently. The monkey jumped on tables and chairs for around 30 minutes and failed to find an exit.



Later, he found his way into the reading room meant for MPs and journalists. Finally, he found his way to the main door and left by the main gate of the building, from the side meant for VIPs.

Security staff had to rush and close the way to the place where MPs, ministers and journalists, along with the catering staff, are always present in good numbers. Though langoors were appointed a while back to shoo away monkeys, but since they left, the monkey gang is back again!

The news reached Twitter and, like always, Twitterati couldn’t stop themselves from taking a dig at the ministers.




Our MP monkey!


You cheeky monkey!


Our ministers really need to spend some time at the Parliament House. Else, the day isn’t far when it will be run by monkeys!



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