Petrol-addicted Monkey Caught Stealing Fuel From Parked Motorcycles In Haryana’s Panipat

Updated on 19 Nov, 2017 at 12:30 pm


A group of bike owners, who work as merchants at Insaar Bazaar in Panipat, Haryana, said they returned to their vehicles after work everyday only to find their motorcycles repeatedly drained of petrol.

After finding their vehicles being repeatedly drained of petrol, the bikers held a stake-out to find out the culprit. But they were stunned to find the true culprit was a monkey who would pulled the fuel pipes off and sucked the tanks dry.


Stealing petrol

Screenshot of the monkey from Newsflare

According to the report, the monkey would sit calmly next to the motorcycles until there was no one around before ripping out a fuel pipe and start drinking the petrol.


Petrol-addicted monkey

The monkey would sit calmly next to the motorcycles until there was no one around

It is said that the monkey was addicted to the petrol and would refused to eat even bananas or biscuits.


Gaurav Leekha, who runs a volunteer organisation in the city, says, “The monkey was clearly addicted to the petrol. It would refuse to eat even bananas and nuts if anyone offered it”.



Monkey ripping out fuel pipe and drinking the petrol.

Leekha said the monkey, however, did not pose any danger to humans. He shares, “It would not trouble anyone as it was perhaps always high”.



The monkey was addicted to the petrol

The merchants said the monkey stopped targeting their bikes after being repeatedly shooed away from the parking lot.

You can watch the footage of the theft committed by the monkey from the video below:




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