9 Things You Will Relate To If You Are Way Too Money Minded

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7:46 pm 5 Dec, 2015


You breathe money and it runs in your every God-damn blood vessel. You check your bank balance 86,400 times a day. Yeah!! That’s the number of seconds in a day. And whenever you have the choice to choose between money and more money, you always choose the latter. If all these things are true for you, then here are a few more things you would relate to:


1. NDTV PROFIT is your favorite channel in the world.

You stopped watching ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’ as you realized that Kapil Sharma’s idiotic jokes won’t increase your bank-balance. To avoid your sleeping pills, you need to be aware of the stock market, as your money is at stake.

 2. The book you avoid reading – ‘The Accidental Billionaires’


You wonder how could a tech-nerd with an idea of Facebook ended up becoming a billionaire, while you work hard endlessly but haven’t got ‘The Millionaire’ tag yet. Perhaps getting rich needs more luck than just the passion for money.


3. You believe that the heart is just a pumping organ.

Your life’s philosophy is ‘Listening to your mind is the only way to get rich’. The heart is a fool and always deceiving you. You think all the graduates who leave their high profile corporate jobs to follow their passion for writing or acting end up ruining their lives.

 4. You have just 1 million in your bank account, but Bill Gates’ net worth is 76 billion. Oh shit! You want  to earn so much more.

It was your childhood dream to become the richest man in the world. You wanted to buy the best cars, wear expensive clothes and drink martinis. Money makes you happy, so to expand your happiness, you learnt that you need to earn a lot more.


5. Your favorite song is Na baap bada na bhaiya, sabse bada rupaiya’.

Family comes second; money is your first priority. You believe that petty family issues will never end, but someday money might. So keep the chase up.

6. The astrologer becomes your weekend date. You have all possible stones in your hand for all sorts of lucks.


7. You have watched ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ for more than 50 times although it was released just a year ago.


8. You start visiting golf clubs or polo grounds just for the sake of making good contacts.

 9. Philanthropy? What is that dude?

You have enough money to change the lives of hundreds of people around you, but you prefer saving money for future business plans. Being in-human!


Apna sapna money money!