This Mom’s Comics Perfectly Nail How Your Life Changes After Having Kids!

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6:27 pm 3 Dec, 2018


Before having kids we are allowed to be selfish, but once you become a parent, your life goes through an amazing transformation. Although both men and women are affected emotionally and financially, the most important thing is how mothers and fathers spend their time. By all means, it changes the definition of what we consider as normal. So, waking up in the middle of the night becomes normal. It is also completely normal if you don’t have time to sit down quietly on the sofa and watch a movie? The toy store is probably the only place you can go for a weekend as going to the neighbourhood for a kitty party is certainly out of question.

In order to illustrate these changes regarding parenting, Seattle-based game designer, illustrator and mom of two Weng Chen, came out with a new comic series.

Chen, the genius behind The Messycow Comics, depicts these changes perfectly and most of the parents will surely nod their heads in agreement!

Check out this gallery below:

Who said cardboard can’t be reused.




No time for a peaceful dinner.


Pets waste our energy.



The playgrounds keep the kids busy.



The definition of shopping malls is no more the same.


Toy stores really suck!



A fast paced life!



No more time for self?



Workplace is safe haven from the busy schedule!



Chen decided to create comics when her second child turned two in September 2016. To host her comics, she even created a website, Messy Cow Comics, along with a Facebook page.

She said in an interview:

“Parenting was a prominent topic because it was my life then. It was fun and meaningful to document my children’s growth, as well as mine. Sharing my stories is my way to communicate with people.”


Regarding what influences her in creating her comics, she said she reads a lot of webcomics, books, and podcasts, mostly on topics like parenting, psychology, and philosophy.

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