Thirty People Were Caught On Video Molesting Women And Girls During Ganesh Immersion In Hyderabad

Updated on 13 Sep, 2017 at 5:45 pm

The Hyderabad police arrested nearly 30 men during the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations in the city for molesting or harassing women. The SHE team of the police force mingled with the crowd during immersion procession with cameras recording every move of the molesters. What is deeply disturbing is that among the 30 arrested, eight are minors. Such is the depravity of the minds of these people that they did not even let go of minor girls.


The men, dressed decently, were moving from one point to another groping women along the way.

One video follows a man in a red shirt touching a little girl inappropriately. That man continues to go about touching other girls and women taking advantage of the crowd.

That man is one of the 30 people arrested. The police issued a statement:

“While the teams were observing several locations, some people were following the procession and sprinkling water on women. Some were throwing water packets. Some people were caught for throwing paper pieces and flowers on women. Some were taking selfies with women without their knowledge. Some were blowing whistles and shouting at the ladies.”

The police said that all of the activities have been recorded as evidence against the accused.


But even as the police has done its job well, what does this incident underline about our society? It is shameful to learn that some men thought of using a religious celebration as a chance to molest women.


And while arresting such culprits is an important thing, it is equally important to name them. Who are they? Where are they from? Everything must be revealed to the public for the safety of the women.

After serving their sentence, in case they are convicted, these men will go back into the society. That might again put the women at risk. Perhaps publically naming these men, when they are found guilty, is one way to keep the societies safe.