Delhi Girl’s Twitter Thread About Molestation On DTC Buses Reveals The Ugly Truth Of Delhi Transport Corporation

6:40 pm 1 Oct, 2018


Delhi is a highly unsafe city for women. If you are a female living in the capital of India, forget about roaming around the city streets during the night. Here, incidents can happen with you even in the broad light of the day. Every now and then we keep hearing about the incidents of assault, rapes and women being tortured. These things have become so common now that they stay in news for a day and the next day another incident happens. The stories of molestation, rapes and assault on women are just too many!

And not only women are subjected to disgrace in the hidden dark corners, but at public places too. While women face disrespect at work places, they do face the same on their way to work! One such story that has now become a viral news on the social media is about a college girl who tweeted about how she was molested while she was on her way to college.




In a viral twitter thread, a woman explains how her 19-year-old cousin sister was subjected to molestation many times in Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) buses on route 544. She also explains that the girl had to once jump out of a moving bus while she was allegedly harassed by a man.

She was on her way to college. The user on Twitter is named Shivani Gairola who tweeted about her cousin.



Checkout some of the tweets by Shivani, that have been going viral now:



She then talked about the bus number 544!



And described a horrific incident!



And this is what happened next!



She also tagged Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and addressed the issue!



She also explained why she didn’t report the issue earlier!



Following the tweets on social media, DCP (south Delhi) Vijay Kumar tweeted and asked for more details to take action:




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