17 Places Where People Have Moles And The Personality Traits They Reveal

9:31 pm 19 Dec, 2015

Tell us, is this true about you and your moles?


1. On the chin and around the mouth

These moles are considered to be signs of beauty. People who have moles on the chin and around the mouth are known to be balanced.


2. On the mouth

People with such moles have problems in the food and sex department. They are driven by guilt.


3. On the sides of the forehead

These moles are believed to be signs that wealth, success and fame are marked out for you.


4. On the middle of the forehead

Rebellious and free-spirited, people with these moles are highly impulsive and flamboyant in nature.


5. On the cheeks

If the mole is on the right cheek, the person is sensitive; if it’s on the left one, he/she is an introvert.


6. On the nose

People with such moles are supposed to be short tempered and flirtatious until they finally commit.


7. On the chest/breasts

Moles on the chest or breast indicate that a person is lazy and enjoys indulging in luxuries.


8. On the sclera

In the right eye, a mole may indicate getting easy money, while on the left it indicates arrogance.


9. On the shoulder

A mole on the shoulder is a sign that the person is responsible, calm and reliable.


10. On the palms

If the mole is on the right hand, it indicates a rich life; if it is on the left hand, it means that the person is careless about money.


11. On the feet

Moles on the feet indicate that the person is a traveler at heart.


12. Under the eyebrow

Such moles indicate that the person is highly creative and tries to back away from fights.


13. On the earlobe

This is a person who is family-centric and trustworthy. They are often street smart and friendly.


14. On the neck

A mole that is above the collar line, indicates that the person has a good personality.


15. On the forearms

People with moles on their arms are good at making decisions and are attracted to power.


16. On the hands

A mole on your hands means you’ve had a troubled childhood but will overcome it one day.


17. Under the eyes

It is believed that people with moles under their eyes will have problems with their children.

Via wittyfeed

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