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Video Of Tamil Nadu Cop’s Bravery During Kerala Protests Goes Viral. Netizens Are Hailing Their New Hero

Updated on 31 January, 2019 at 12:04 pm By

Ever since the Sabarimala Temple verdict came, the state of Kerala is facing widespread violent clashes. Women, pilgrims, journalists, and religious groups are trying to prove their points and it is taking a violent turn. In the middle of all the chaos, two women under the age group of 50 entered the temple and it created a further ruckus. Right-wing groups in Kerala since January 2 have been leading massive protests during which one person was killed. Amidst the threat on the roads, a Tamil Nadu cop, Mohan Iyer, dared to voice his dissent on the ongoing hartal.


The incident took place near the Kaliyakkaviali border where the rowdy protesters were trying to vandalize the buses. But the cop bravely handled the crowd and made sure that the transportation facility is not disturbed. He is receiving a lot of praises for his bravery and has also been rewarded by the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation Managing director Thachankary with a citation letter and ₹1,000.


Look at the video showing how he single-handedly controlled the crowd:


In an interview with a news channel, he said:

 “First I tried to talk to them but they were not listening. The protestors were threatening that they will pelt stones at the bus and also to attack the driver. So I spoke in our area style. This is common in our area. Immediately after that, the protesters dispersed.”


Woo! That is some action like in the movies. The brave cop Mohan Iyer’s stand against the wrong has made him a hero. People are praising him on social media.










His courage proves that a single voice is enough to sway a massive crowd. With this, you remember how another policeman stood for Muslim man against the protesters and saved his life? Mohan Iyer is a real-life hero and we wish there are more cops like him. What do you think of his brave act?

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