Mohammed Shami’s Family Life In Tatters, As Hasin Jahan Reveals His WhatsApp Messages With Manju

4:55 pm 23 Mar, 2018


There is a lot of buzz in media over pacer Mohammed Shami’s alleged extramarital affairs. Just like a continuing TV series, new twists and turns are being introduced every now and then.


Recently, Hasin Jahan (Mohammad Shami’s wife) shared the screenshot of Shami’s conversation with a girl named Akansha. Jahan claims that the woman is one of Shami’s many girlfriends. The messages were romantic in nature that picked the interest of the public. In the chat, the girl also shared her image. This is what she posted:






The latest scoop includes the screenshot of chat between Hasin and a woman called Manju. In these chats, it can be seen that Manju is asking Hasin not to drag her name into the controversy. No one knows the truth of this screenshot, but here is what she shared on her Facebook.





Earlier Hasin published a post asking about this woman.



Besides the allegation of affairs, Jahan lodged a complaint against Shami accusing him of domestic violence. She further conveyed that if Shami says sorry then she will take him back. The cricketer is denying all claims. He is emphasizing that this is a conspiracy against him to tarnish his image and career.


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