This Man Travels Throughout India Spreading The Message Of ‘World Without Borders’

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1:08 pm 10 Feb, 2016

Theatre artiste Akram Feroze is on a mission of ‘Theatre at borders and world without borders campaign.’ Wearing a particular attire, Feroze is travelling throughout the country, mixing up his artistic passion and travelling.

It is through his plays and conversations with  people along the routes, he is trying to spread his message  of love, humanity and peace.

His dressing style is such that it resembles with the popular revolutionary Che Guevara of Argentina.

Having little money in his pocket, Firoze started his journey in 2011 to support this different experiment. The biggest challenge which he faced was when he has to make his family understand about the things which he was doing.

“Even though I had less money at the time I started, a clear frame of mind helped me manage things,” he said.


Akram Feroze performing his play at College of Arts in Delhi. indianexpress

Feroze said that the idea of a world without borders may seem idealistic, but it is something he believes that people need to strive and change this idea into a realistic thing.

From the day he has started his journey, he has visited many remote parts of the country, having interactions with diverse people and trying to learn from their experiences.

Sharing his memories, he talks about how he took lift from truck drivers and people whom he met during this journey.

Taking about one such memory, Feroze said once he asked a child in a village at the Indo-Pak border about his views on borders, the kid replied that when they hear about border, the first word which comes to their mind is enemy or end.

An alumnus of Osmania University and resident of Hyderabad, he has tried various projects during his journey like ‘Cycle Natak’, Winter on Wheels, Two Wheels of Theater etc.

Feroze has got a world passport, provided under Article 13 (2) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states that “everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.”

The artist is aiming to cover 10,000 km long Indian border and performing plays for the people in villages in those areas under his project ‘theater at border’ which he has recently started.

Surprisingly, merely a month after he started this project, on August 13, 2015, he was picked up by the Jaisalmer police as a suspect and was kept under custody for 20 days. With disappointment, Feroze said that the plea which was filed by his family was not even considered.

It was after the intervention of some activists that his bail plea was accepted.

Despite this incident having a deep impact on his family, he didn’t lose hope and carried on with his journey.

His long term goals include  continuing with the same plan of amalgamating theater with traveling.

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