This ‘Modi’ Wants To Join Congress, But There’s An Interesting Twist!

5:27 pm 5 Oct, 2018


Abhinandan Pathak, Modi’s lookalike, is someone you would expect to be a staunch BJP supporter right? Well, clearly he’s not! Now to make it sound less shocking, Modi’s lookalike has confirmed that he doesn’t have a problem with the prime minister but with his party instead! Pathak is Modi’s ardent supporter – no doubt- but, his decision to join instead of BJP comes as a blow, isn’t it?

PM Modi’s lookalike had announced his decision to campaign against the BJP (Bhartiya Janata Party) in a rather surprising move.



Abhinandan Pathak is a resident of Saharanpur, and has now switched sides. Do you know why? Because unlike the rest of India, he’s clearly disappointed with BJP’s performance!




Being Modi’s lookalike, Abhinandan Pathak is used to jibes because of his uncanny looks.



In fact, it can get so overbearing that Pathak claimed that people vented their anger over BJP on him!


Call him PM Modi’s doppelganger or Modi’s lookalike, it’s not that Pathak gave up on BJP too early.  He did campaign for BJP on several occasions in the past.



Even though Pathak supports BJP, he’s left disappointed at his government’s failure to keep up its word, which is why he announced his departure.



Pathak, who is from Uttar Pradesh, says he will not campaign for the BJP anymore because:

“I am taken aback by seeing how the BJP is working in contrast to what Modi actually thinks and says. People have been asking me ‘Acche din kb ayenge?”

Earlier this year, the Modi’s lookalike had gone from door-to-door canvassing for the BJP during the by-poll in Gorakhpur. The result? BJP lost!



Pathak said he will be “campaigning for the Congress in the upcoming 2019 elections, instead of the BJP” because of the failures. In this regard, he has already met Uttar Pradesh Congress, President Raj Babbar.



Even though one more BJP supporter is down, Modi’s lookalike doesn’t have any qualms with the prime minister. Patha said, “Prime Minister Modi has given India a better image across the globe. My grievance is with the party and not with the Prime Minister.”




We get Pathak’s ‘Mann Ki Baat‘, but we hope Modi doesn’t take it to the heart.