PM Modi’s Fantastic Reply To Ravi Shastri Proves That He Is Also An Ardent Cricket Fan

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Updated on 7 Apr, 2018 at 6:11 pm


Cricket is no less than a religion in India. And every keen lover of this sport knows the trademark dialogues of all the commentators. Be it Gavaskar, Harsha Bhogle or Ravi Shastri, every commentator has his own way of presenting the game to the audience.

After BJP’s historic win in Uttar Pradesh, Ravi Shastri posted an impressive congratulatory wish to PM Modi.


It wasn’t some ordinary wish but had the essence of his brilliant commentary. This is what he tweeted to the PM.


Ravi Shastri lauded the partnership of PM Modi and Amit Shah, to which PM Modi gave a fantastic reply. While thanking Ravi Shastri, PM Modi replied to him in his signature style.


Narendra Modi’s reply was so amazing that even twitterati couldn’t stop themselves from praising him!




Kudos to the PM’s kickass response. This proved that PM Modi also loves to follow cricket just like almost every Indian.