Buyer Of Rs.4.31 Cr Modi Pinstripe Suit To Donate Rs.200 Cr For Welfare Of Poor Girls

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7:31 pm 23 Feb, 2016

Remember Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘infamous’ pinstripe suit which he wore to a meeting with US President Barack Obama?


In case you don’t remember, the suit was in the news for this reason:


Yes, the stripes read: ‘Narendra Damodardas Modi’.

And then it went up for sale at an auction. One Lalji Bhai Patel bought it for a mind-numbing sum of Rs.4.31 crore.




Now ‘Badshah’, as he is popularly called, would be donating Rs.2 lakh each to 10,000 girls across the country. That’s a whooping Rs.200 crore!


Bajrangi Bhaijaan


The money will help the families of the girls, who are from poor backgrounds, to meet expenses related to their upbringing and marriage.

The diamond baron said that he would launch the programme on March 13.

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