Pakistan Has To Play Its Part For Progress In Our Ties, Says PM Narendra Modi

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6:33 pm 27 May, 2016


Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently said that Pakistan needs to remove the self-imposed obstacle of terrorism which is coming in the way of Indo-Pak friendship.


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He further explained that the path to peace is a ‘two-way street’.

“We are ready to take the first step, but the path to peace is a two-way street. I have always maintained that instead of fighting with each other, we should together fight against poverty,” Modi told The Wall Street Journal.


Modi also asked Pakistan to play its part by putting a complete stop to any kind of support to terrorism – whether state or non-state.


“Naturally we expect Pakistan to play its part. But, there can be no compromise on terrorism. Pakistan’s failure to take effective action in punishing the perpetrators of terror attacks limits the forward progress in our ties,” said the Prime Minister.



He added that his government proactive agenda for a peaceful and prosperous neighbourhood began from the first day of his government.



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