15 Modi Memes That Totally Prove That His Manila Visit Was One Awesome Party

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11:52 pm 13 Nov, 2017


Prime Minister Narendra Modi is at the 31st ASEAN Summit in Manila and all the world leaders have gathered there for the summit. Modiji interacted with each one of them, and especially with President Trump and they talked about strengthening their bond beyond the bilateral ties.

In the midst of all these interactions, media captured some peculiar photos and next moment, the memes were ready on the internet.

Here are best memes that you can find in a savage place called the internet.

1. Give and take.


2. Just another bhai fan.


3. I am smarter than you.


4. Intro karwa de.


5. I will take the lead.


6. Mr. Nerd, keep quiet.


7. I was born to travel.


8. And born to kill.


9. I am a solo traveler, too.


10. Tashan mein.


11. The name game.


12. Surgical strike.


13. Just call me, bro.


14. Got the rule?


15. The new plan.



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