Modi Government Completes 4 Years. A Look At What All India Got And What It Missed!

10:59 am 27 May, 2018


4 years back, on this very day, Narendra Modi took oath as the Prime Minister of India and the country had high hopes with him as he was the new face of BJP, the political party who had been in the opposition for the past 10 years. Ever since his tenure began, his performance on different parameters is being evaluated by stakeholders. And there is no doubt that his tenure has proved to be a blessing for the country. Let us discuss all the good things he has done for the country so far in brief.



Implementation of GST




Considering the economy of India, implementation of one nation one tax policy itself is a huge landmark. GST has wiped out multiple taxes which had been giving a setback to businesses across the country. Moreover, it has also pushed the digitization of India to the next level.


Jan Dhan Yojana



This scheme has linked almost every citizen of India, even those from the economically weaker section to the banking system. Many of them have also been issued RuPay credit card through which they can take a bank credit of up to Rs 5000.


Ujjwala Yojana



PM Modi’s Ujjwala Yojana has provided LPG connection to as many as 4 crore households below poverty line, bringing a huge transformation in the lives of poor women who used to cook using alternative unhealthy ways. And this change has proved to be a boon for these poor women for real.

Moreover, under the subsidy scheme for LPG cylinders, consumers now get a direct credit of their subsidy in their bank accounts which has benefited as many as 3.5 crore Indians. PM Modi also called upon people to surrender their LPG subsidy voluntarily, as a result of which, close to 4 crore households have given up their subsidy and the number is still rising.


Swachha Bharat Abhiyan




This campaign has triggered a sort of competition among different cities across the country to be cleaner and get a better ranking. More than that, it has brought about a change in the mindset of people to keep their surroundings clean.


Country’s defense services have also scaled new heights under Modi’s term.



PM Modi has also pushed indigenous manufacturing of defense equipment under Make in India campaign. Construction of roads around the border of India is also going on vigorously. A bridge over river Brahmaputra has also been constructed which is one of the longest in the country and has made access to Arunachal Pradesh quite easy. It is important to note that strategically, Arunachal Pradesh is one of the most important parts of the country as China has claims on its part.

As far as tackling the close neighbors-cum-enemies of the country is concerned, settlement of Doklam conflict and surgical strikes on Pakistan have proved Modi’s efficient leadership. ASEAN and USA-Japan-Australia-India partnership and Chhabhar seaport in Iran add more feathers in Modi’s cap as far as his foreign policy is concerned.



Further, considering the relations of India with its neighboring country Pakistan, Modi government has started development of Chhabhar port in Iran to face off Gwadar airport of Pakistan. The Chhabhar port is situated at a distance of mere 175 km from Gwadar, Pakistan.


A ban on triple talaq



On the social front, a significant decision of declaring triple talaq as illegal has been taken during the leadership of PM Modi. This has and will continue to bring momentous changes in the lives of Muslim women.

Last but not the least, providing a health cover of Rs 5 lakh to all the BPL families is going to be one of the largest social schemes ever taken up by a government across the world. However, there is a question mark on the effective implementation of the scheme.



Of course, everything hasn’t been as good as it looks. Through PM Modi’s term, employment generation remained very poor. Some more issues that kept bothering the society were education, sanitation, health, and inflation. The society is experiencing high crime rate against women.

Let us hope that Modi takes care of these aspects if he comes to power again in 2019!