Twitterates Can’t Keep Calm After Google Search Showed Pic Of Narendra Modi As ‘India’s First PM’

11:36 am 27 Apr, 2018


A Google search is meant to give you the right answers. PERIOD. Anyone having any doubt, reaches out to Google for their answers and is sure to receive it with a thousand pages of research. Since its launch, Google has made such advanced progress in the search engine field, that today it holds the title of being the quickest and most reliable search engine for every scratching heads.




Things get even more interesting when the most reliable and trusted search engine not only makes a mistake by itself but shows a totally different Prime Minister of a leading world country! Yes, that just happened and you WILL have to digest it!



The person in question is India’s current Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has been serving as the head of the country since 2014. The Prime Minister is of the most recognised faces on the planet, with his superb visionary skills and excellent oration talent. When Goggled, this is what it says about PM Modi:



There seems to be no confusion right? The person’s picture s the same as the name searched. But Google didn’t do well when it committed a blunder or technical glitch as they say, when someone goggled politicians earlier. Don’t get it? Check it out:

Arun Jaitley was placed instead of Shanmukham Chetty as India’s first Financial Minister!



Second time, India’s first Defence Minister showed Nirmala Sitharaman instead of Baldev Singh.



Alas! Google has done it again. The search engine threw up Jawaharlal Nehru in bold letters and presented a brief description about him along with a Wikipedia link – but it forgot how Nehru looked like! The error came to light when someone typed “India first PM” on Google and the result displayed photo of Narendra Modi instead!



If you swear by Google search, then this rather embarrassing faux pas will take some time to forget in the minds of people. It happened on April 25 when netizens noticed this bizarre blunder.



This algorithm glitch bizarrely accompanied PM Modi’s picture with a short description of Jawaharlal Nehru – India’s first Prime Minister. This had prompted people to tweet the screenshots in large numbers.



Curious netizens will be surprised to know that this is not the first time it has happened with the same Prime Minister. It happened in 2015 as well, with a different photo of PM Modi that time.



While the error has been rectified by Google ever since, however, this result left many baffled and they went after Google like a wild wolf. Some reactions were funny while some could leave the search engine embarrassed for a long time.

Check out some of the Twitter reactions:





The purported “technical glitch” did not go down too well with social media users:




While some face palmed at Google lack’s general knowledge:




Others sniffed out conspiracy theories….



Meanwhile, some asked Google India to fix it…




However, this one user had a rather important observation….



In an ideal world, a silly glitch like this would not be a big deal, but when the world is hooked onto social media, any misinformation can cost dearly. Meanwhile, here’ an interesting video on India’s first Prime Minister – Jawaharlal Nehru:



We’re sure Narendra Modi would have done great work as India’s first PM, but we are happy to have him serve us in 2018. We wish him good luck for all his visions for our country. Jai Hind!






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