16 Photos Depicting That Insanity Of Humanity Is An Endless Pool Of Inspiration

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12:00 pm 12 Sep, 2015

Steve Cutt’s amazing illustrations define that art isn’t all fairy-tale photo-shoots and landscape shots – it can also act as catalyst of change. Through these work of art the artist is trying to portray his frustration and the sad truths of today’s world. In this harsh race of getting better we all are leaving behind the actual reasons of happiness.

1. Look down with modesty, not into technology

The reality of the world does not exist anymore. Everyone has developed their own virtual world. Do you remember the last time you sat with your family without your phone and talked your hearts out?



2. The goodness of media and our family time

We believe all the bullshit media give us now a days. We spend our squeezed family time dealing with that insane piece of awareness which they spread. Unluckily we all believe that!



3. The cheese of happiness

We measure happiness in terms of money but forget that the smell of cheese will always take you to the rat trap. Cheese anyone?



4.  Shitting premier league

All the big market names are shitting their ‘oh so fancy expensive product’ which the consumers are happily accepting. Go to Sarojni Nagar, you can get a Tommy imitation babe!



5. Couch potato is a new sexy

Day by day people are getting addicted to these bad fats, carbs and sugar. Are you worried about your flab? Quit the junk before hitting the gym.


6. Techie slaves, aren’t we?

One out of a hundred raises his voice and goes devastatingly unnoticed.  Screens have become your world and internet is your food. Low internet, high anxiety.



7. @smartphone: man has proved to be the world’s best friend

You want a dog, your phone needs you man. It will treat  you with  a new app bone!



8. Relay to the nowhere station

It will take you nowhere but you will be crushed in this rat race morning, evening and night. Beware of the stampede!



9. Merry Christmas?

There is nothing merry about it. As the picture depicts, poor are forced to pack expensive gifts for the people who can afford it. Nothing like Santa exists for the poor community. No jingle bells for them, huh?



10. Roger Rabbit had no escape as well

The famous cartoon personalities are stuck in the sludge of drug and junk as well. Roger has no solution to any problems now. Jessica lost her sexy figure. And they are jobless couch potatoes now!


11. The clever cats eats the cheese and breathes down rat holes with baited breath

People pretend to be clever enough to be independent but actuallythey’re running after the same rat. Do something different. You!



12. Dog is man’s best friend

What about chickens, beef, goat and sheep? Burp~~~



13.  All the elite mass of the world, cheers!

Saddest fact of today’s world is that progress of the rich is inversely proportional to the poor.



14. Let’s together end this world treaty

Well this is signed by many big names. The ones who are filling their pockets by exploiting the whole world and its resources. A new multiplex over a ridge, so awesome you know!



15. The dark Monday rises

Monday seems bad to almost all of us not because of the ending weekend! People are just running after money in search of happiness and losing their interest, passions and hobbies in this race. Money will never bring you happiness.



16. Grind the world into money.

Exploitation, adulteration everywhere in the name of development.  Alarm: We are still a developing nation.


Credit: stevecutts.com

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