This Video About Modern Education Teaching Distorted Feminism and Political Correctness Is What You Need To Watch Today

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3:00 pm 13 Mar, 2017

Social media is a platform that allows all sorts of opinions to be aired. From staunch liberalism to distorted feminism and myopic liberalism, this is the best place for people to write about what they believe in.

Modern education has also played a vital role in spreading a hypersensitive culture and the need for political correctness. People, these days, are scared to call a spade a spade, and resort to politically correct and gender neutral ways of expression.

The desperate need to remain correct and out of controversies has led to people complicating their lives. One cannot express him/herself like a real person without offending another person’s views. What follows next, is a series of justifications and elaborate lectures on the types of words used.

Remember Vijay Chokalingam? He is the brother of Indian-origin American TV actress, Mindy Kaling. Vijay Chokalingam fetched his fair share of the limelight when he revealed how he got into Harvard. The Indian-origin US citizen faked being an African-American to get admitted to the Harvard School of Medical Sciences. Well, that is just one example. Being an African-American definitely gives you an edge over other races as the top-notch schools are aiming to have more heterogeneous alumni.

Take a look at the video on how modern education is delving into the potential dangers of a fragile culture bred by social media and political correctness:


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