This Russian Model Defies Death For A Photo-shoot In Dubai

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3:35 pm 18 Feb, 2017


Models often go to the edge to bring the photographs which stir the emotions of humans.

In one such event, Russian model and a celebrated Instagramer, Viki Odintcova, hung from a skyscraper in Dubai to bring out emotion of fascination among the viewers.

She hung from the Cayan Towers skyscraper, which is over 1,000 metres tall, without any harness or protective gear by holding the hand of a man atop a narrow board. The picture was shot on December 29, 2016 and has gone viral on the Internet.


So far it has collected 99,000 likes and the followers total to a whopping 3.2 million.

As soon the picture became viral, several viewers voiced their concerns over the safety aspect of this death-defying stunt. On February 3, 2017, she posted a video explaining how the shot took place.

Take a look at the video:

And here is the ‘behind the scenes’ video:

Since being shared, the explanatory video has garnered over 4.2 lakh views and 51,000 ‘Likes’ over Instagram. While many people have appreciated her creativeness, several more have slammed Odintcova for recklessness.


These stunts are definitely not for the faint-hearted and must never be copied.

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