Elevator Drama Queen Megha Sharma Finally Opens Up About Why She Stripped

3:39 pm 1 Nov, 2018

Elevator drama queen model Megha Sharma, a Mumbai resident, has caused a major uproar on social media. No, it’s not because of any modeling assignments or hot photoshoots, but for creating a ruckus in a posh Lokhandwala lobby. On the night of October 25, it came out that the #MeToo has another side too, which is slowly coming out like small cockroaches.

The young model, Megha Sharma, took the entire building down with her (unclever) tactics of justifying a no for a cigarette and her refusal to go to a police station sans female constable.



The whole instance is a full Bollywood script on its own! The star cast? An aspiring Mumbai model, an innocent security guard, and a few confused policemen!



So what was model Megha Sharma‘s (big) issue? A security guard refused to help her get cigarettes to relinquish her late-night urge! What followed is out for everyone to see thanks to this CCTV footage:



The high-class drama didn’t stop there! When she was asked to lodge her complaint against the guard at the police station, model Megha Sharma refused to go without a female constable!



However, after receiving a lot of flak for her actions, the model has now opened up on why she did all that, and how the security guard misbehaved with her and called her characterless. In an interview to ANI, Megha told what actually happened on that night. Take a look:


Well, we’ll never know if she is telling the truth! Let’s see how this drama will unfold in the upcoming days.