Arrested Model’s Photo In IPS Officer’s Uniform Goes Viral, Honeytrap Angle Suspected

12:43 pm 11 Apr, 2018


Honey trapping is the oldest sting in the book. It’s where one person uses their physical attribute of beauty to entrap another in order to gather information that is not readily available. According to the dictionary:

“It is a strategy whereby an attractive person coerces another person into doing or revealing something; also, a person employing this strategy to entrap another.”

Over and over in history, different nations and agencies used beautiful damsels to lay down a honey trap and gather information. The latest victim is suspected to be an IPS officer from West Bengal.



Recently, a Ukrainian model was arrested by a team of Uttar Pradesh Police officers. She was booked on the charge of entering the country illegally without any kind of proper documentation. Eventually, the police discovered that she is also involved in a series of criminal activities committed during her stay in India.


The model named Daria Molcha was in possession of an iPad, $1000 USD, a fake driving license, and two cellphones.


Upon examining each item carefully, the police has discovered an image of the model in a police khaki uniform. According to the initial reports, the uniform is that of a West Bengal Cadre IPS officer.



In order to be certain about the ownership of the uniform, the police requested for help from the forensics department on suspicion of the case of ‘honey-trapping.’

As for the officer, who is working on the status of Director General (DG) in West Bengal Police, also held important portfolios in the Central government previously. It’s not the first time his name is dragged into a controversy. It was alleged that he was in touch with the prime suspect in Sheena Bora murder case, Indrani Mukerjea. He was previously investigated by CBI and Central Vigilance Commission.



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