The Model Who Dumped His Modeling Career To Save His Hometown From Drug Addiction

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6:30 pm 21 Sep, 2017


Fighting for one’s own dreams takes a little, but it takes a big heart to devote one’s life for the dreams of others. And anyone who does that is the real hero!

Inder Bajwa, a young and charming boy entered the world of glamour in 2005 when he was just 21 and took it by storm in no time. Gradually, he became a well-known model of the country and was frequently seen on the ramp as well as in television ads. He was most appreciated for his rustic yet suave looks when he appeared in a number of Raymonds ads between 2011 and 2013. By this time, he already had quite a promising career in the world of fashion and entertainment. But something inspired him to give up all the fame, luxury, and a bright career to fight against an abuse that is on a rampant rise – drug addiction.

Inder Bajwa was once the face of Raymonds Postpickle


The menace of drug addiction is a huge problem for the state of Punjab. The fact was well highlighted by ‘Udta Punjab’ as well. Inder Bajwa gave up all the success he had achieved and all that he was yet to achieve to devote his life to the cause of fighting drug addiction in Punjab.

Inder Bajwa left his soaring modeling career for social service NAme


While he was moving up the ladder of success and fame, he was always concerned about the increasing hazard of drug abuse in his hometown Bajwa Kalan. He also kept a check on the Kabaddi team of his town, of which he was a part a few years ago. He lost his 17-year-old cousin to the evil of drugs and decided to ditch his status and return to his hometown. This happened in 2014 and ever since then, he has devoted his life to the cause and never looked back in the past 4 years. The heartthrob of the fashion industry is now a savior for his village.



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