Police Complaint Filed Against Bigg Boss 12 Contestant Anup Jalota Because Of Sexual Exploitation?

3:20 pm 20 Sep, 2018


This time with the unique concept of vichitra jodis, one of the most controversial shows of the era, is out with its twelfth season and you all already know, what I am talking about. Bigg Boss season 12 Of course! We all have seen a grand premiere of the Bigg Boss on September 16. The vichitra jodis of the Bigg Boss house seems to be making a lot of headlines these days. Amongst them is a “Jodi” which has come under the controversial limelight. And I know that you know it’s Jasleen Matharu and Anup Jalota. While we were hoping that nothing more can happen, we are now hearing that recently a model accused Anup Jalota of sexual exploitation.

For those who are new to the news, digest it, cause there is more. Anup has been married 3 times and even has a son. Speaking about Jasleen and Anup, the couple has created massive controversies due to various reasons. The primary one being their age gap.




Now as per a media report, Aneesha Singh Sharma (a model) is claiming that she has been sexually exploited by the devotional singer. Can you believe it? She has further alleged that the bhajan singer promised to get her into the BB 12 house.



In an interview with India Scoops, she said:

“Jalota promised to get me into Bigg Boss 12 and told me that I would be his ‘jodi’ on the popular reality show. We even had sex twice in the last six months. I did not mind having sex with Jalota as he professed his love for me and said he wanted to settle down with me.”



Aneesha mentioned that Anup didn’t take her calls for the last one month and she left, thinking that she couldn’t get on the show. The model was shocked when she saw Jasleen and Anup “together” on the show.

Aneesha further added:

“I felt nothing was happening and left for the USA in August. I feel so used and miserable.”


In a recent tweet, India Scoops mentioned:



So, does that mean that the complaint has been filed? Well, let’s say that time will only tell! Given Anup’s humble profession, it seems that fans didn’t expect that he will be involved in such controversies. I mean a model accused Anup Jalota of sexual exploitation! This is something which nobody could have ever imagined. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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