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Secretariat Bans Mobile Phones; Directs Ministers Not To Carry Them For Cabinet Meetings

Published on 22 October, 2016 at 4:19 pm By

In an attempt to prevent leakage of information, the Cabinet Secretariat recently sent out a directive to all concerned ministers, informing them that from now on they are banned from carrying mobile phones during Cabinet Meetings.



With this, the Union ministry aims to prevent any possibility of leakage of information through hacking of communication devices.

The Cabinet directive which was sent out to private secretaries of all the concerned ministers said…

“It has been decided that smartphones/mobile phones will henceforth not be permitted inside the meeting venues of Cabinet/Cabinet Committees.”

Further, the private secretaries were asked to appropriately brief their ministers on this regard as the move will ensure that these discussions, which are highly secretive at times, remains a secret.

The move, though also signifies that security agencies have doubts over the security of mobile phones which are very prone to hacking.


Representational Image. Getty

Representational Image. Getty

This is for the first time that the central government has sent out such an instruction. Earlier ministers, though not allowed to use their mobile phones, were allowed to bring it along with them.


These mobiles then were kept either on silent mode or preferably were switched off.

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