9 Situations You Face When Your Mobile Phone Is Stolen

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8:30 pm 31 Oct, 2015

You were daydreaming of your dinner date and then, suddenly felt like texting your girlfriend/boyfriend but as soon as you reached for your phone, you realized that it was not there.

Here are the emotions you feel when you lose your mobile phone:


1. You want to break this tragic news to your girlfriend/boyfriend first 

Your anxious mind cannot think straight and you start to look for a phone booth to share this breaking news with your better half, as that’s the only number you know.


2. And if you are single, you try to reach out to your best buddy

Even though you are single, losing a phone bothers you equally and you call your best buddy and update your friends via Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp.


Whicdn‘We’ means you and your phone


3. Depression hits you like a wrecking ball 

In case you owned an expensive smart phone, you suffer from severe depression for a week. You’ve either lost your next month’s salary or next six month’s pocket money.


4. The pain of losing the contact list is unmeasurable 

You wonder how you will get all the lost numbers. Such thoughts start to haunt you.


5. You avoid going to public places

You suffer from loscellphobia – the fear of losing mobile phones in public places. You become extra careful and hate being in crowded places especially in metros. Because metro has the power to take away just anything, from seats to mobile phones.


6. You become the master of excuses

You wanted to escape an hour long boring lecture on “Management and Carelessness” from your parents, so you lied to them saying that you sold it to pay for your MBA coaching classes.


7. Google becomes your final hope

You search for ‘How to track the lost phone’ and enquire amongst your friends about the importance of an EMI number.


8. Your have your first formal interaction with the police

Finally, you reach the police station to file a FIR, and the thanewalas are not interested in hearing your heart-breaking story but instead blame you for such an incident.


9. Jealousy owns you

You feel jealous whenever you see someone using their mobile phone and curse yourself.




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