Defying SC Orders, MNS Workers Make Dahi Handi Over 40 Ft In Thane

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4:26 pm 25 Aug, 2016

Defying the Supreme Court order, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena-organised ‘Dahi handi‘ in Mumbai and Thane, reached the height of 40 ft and above.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled that the height of human pyramid shouldn’t be more than 20 ft and the minimum age for participation is 18 years.

Avinash Jadhav, the man organising Janmashtami celebrations in Thane, said that he takes his orders from his boss Raj Thackeray, who reportedly told workers that the festival should be observed today the way it’s meant to be.


Further, MNS workers wore T-shirts which read, “I will break the law” in Marathi.

Jadhav says, “The Supreme Court cannot dictate how we celebrate our festivals. If I break the law then I am willing to go to jail for this.”


In an expression of protest against SC ruling, a group in Dadar made the  human pyramid on the ground.


Even small children, less than 18 years, were seen participating in the Dahi Handi festival.


In Maharashtra on Janmashtmi, Dahi handis or earthen pots filled with curd are strung up high on poles. Human pyramids are built by participants, who call themselves “Govindas” and compete to reach the pot and break it.

Last year, 300 people were injured and one person was killed during Dahi handi festivities in Maharashtra.



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